Program Management Service

Program Management (Full Process Management) is to achieve the planned strategic targets (Cost Cap, Revenue, Time, Quality, Occupational Safety) through management of all processes of an investment project from beginning to end by means of teams with required experience, knowledge and expertise.

The Program Management Service, which is the result of Tepe İnşaat's half-century experience in investment, enables the investment to turn into the best gain through the following 13 steps.

1. Framework Agreement:

It is a protocol signed between the parties to set forth that they are in mutual good faith and willing to work together in the process until the signature of Program Management Agreement if the conditions are met. In this process, when necessary, land zoning application processes are directed, best use analysis is made and preliminary feasibility report is prepared.

2. Land Zoning Application Processes:

They include preparation and approval of 1/5000 and/or 1/1000 scaled plans, preparation and approval of subdivision plans, process follow-up before cadastre and title deed offices or subdivision/amalgamation procedures.

3. Best Use Analysis:

Best use report of the land is prepared in this stage. Regional market researches are made.

4. Preliminary Feasibility Report:

According to the results of best use report, a fictional project is designed, ceiling cost is calculated, and minimum revenue calculations are made based on market researches. Sales projections, work schedule and cash flow surveys are completed. The report is submitted to the employer.

5. Program Management Agreement:

The framework agreement process ends upon the submission of preliminary feasibility report. Employer is informed in 5 main topics including Cost, Revenue, Duration, Land Value, Profitability and Tepe İnşaat's Program Management Offer and the offer is prepared.

6. Design Management:

Design criteria are defined, contract is drafted, design companies are selected, concept project is defined, preliminary project and license project are prepared, and site list and material decisions are made.

7. Detailed Preliminary Feasibility Report:

Comprehensive cost and revenue calculations are made based on the data obtained.

8. Official Permits:

All applications are made and necessary permits are obtained in order to secure the construction license. The process varies depending on the municipality.

9. Construction Project Management Plan:

All steps of the construction process are covered in detail by preparing the Construction Project Management Plan, which includes Scope, Design, Time, Cost, Quality, Environment & Occupational Safety, Resources, Communication and Risk Management.

10. Marketing Sales Management Plan:

The market status is determined based on all researches and analyses required. Based on such data, sales strategies and product prices and goodwill assessment are prepared and the first launch price list is created.

11. Manufacturing and Sales Process:

All activities for manufacturing and sales are carried out within the Management Plans. In certain periods, Project Management Plans are revised and prepared again in line with current requirements, conditions and if any customer's demands. Detailed information is reported in all stages.

12. Delivery Process:

The delivery process is carried out, which includes the license, title deed, delivery and subscription procedures.

13. Warranty Period and Post-Delivery Services:

Problems that may occur during the legal warranty period are resolved. Customer complaints are received and appropriate actions are taken.