Integrated Management Systems



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Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

Quality Policy

We will continue our activities as an institution that observes commitment to ethical values and laws in our areas of operation and spaces of living by,

Trusting the support and productivity of our employees, who are the most important internal resources of the Holding,

Providing training opportunities for our employees and ensuring their informed participation in the system, aiming at continuous improvement and achieving customer satisfaction and Contemporary Quality Values in all stages of our production process,

Ensuring that product quality is achieved by considering the competition, productivity and profitability, while taking changing and developing customer expectations into account.

Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Policy​​​​​​​

Providing training opportunities for all employees and sub-contractors, ensuring their informed participation in the system, aiming at continuous improvement in Occupational Safety and Environment,

Protecting natural resources, minimizing wastes, preventing soil, air and water pollution, and taking necessary measures to increase recovery while performing our projects,

Complying fully with all national and international laws, regulations, bylaws, arrangements and requirements of affiliated organizations,

Monitoring technological developments in the field of Occupational Safety and Environment, trying to use the safest and most nature-friendly technology in all operations and ensuring continuous development,

Focusing on "prevention of occupatonal accidents, occupational diseases and all kinds of health problems" through active participation of all employees and elimination of risks at source believing that it is possible to prevent occupational and environmental accidents.

Scope of Environmental Management System​​​​​​​

The Environmental Management System that is implemented by Tepe İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş covers Tepe İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş Headquarters located within the common area of Bilkent Holding Companies in Bilkent Campus, Tepe İnşaat Support Services Directorate as well as all kinds of works performed in the form of engineering services such as superstructure, transportation, industrial facilities, infrastructure and water structures that are constructed by Tepe İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş.. 

The environmental management system is structured to cover all project activities and work items in the relevant project and is designed in a way to comply with national, international and local regulations at the location of project (in Turkey or abroad) and include project employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and visitors.