Foundation - 1969

Founded in 1969 in Ankara, Tepe Ağaç Metal ve İnşaat Sanayi Ltd. Şti. was the milestone of Tepe Group.Restructuring process of the Tepe Group was completed in 1986 and since then, Tepe İnşaat continues its activities as the flagship of Bilkent Holding.

Bilkent University Campus - 1982

Bilkent University Campus is built on a 60% forested area. With its modern and well-maintained buildings, the university has 500,000 square meters of indoor space. Constructed completely by Tepe İnşaat, Bilkent University Campus has all the facilities that must be found on a university campus that lives 24 hours a day with its educational facilities, library, dormitories, sports facilities, health center and other support facilities. Activities of student clubs, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, interviews and other events create a rich atmosphere of culture, art and entertainment.

Dokuz Eylül University Research and Practice Hospital - 1989

The research and practice hospital of Dokuz Eylül University, one of the distinguished educational institutions in Turkey, was built by Tepe İnşaat on a construction area of 92.600 sqm as one of the first health campuses.

Bilkent Houses - 1990

Construction of Bilkent Houses, a favorite district of Ankara, was started with the Bilkent 1 project. Bilkent Houses, which grew up with Bilkent 2 and Bilkent 3 over the years, has become a settlement center with 4.000 houses.

Bilkent Plaza Business and Trade Center - 1991

Built adjacent to Bilkent Houses, Bilkent Plaza Business and Trade Center has made a significant contribution to the development of the Bilkent residential area with a construction area of 130,000 square meters.

World Trade Center - 1992

Istanbul World Trade Center, which is the biggest international trade center in Istanbul since its establishment, stands out with its proximity to Atatürk Airport and Exhibition Center. The World Trade Center has a shopping mall at a point where the office floors meet and its value is increasing every passing day thanks to the newly opened subway station.

Beykoz Mansions - 1993

Started to be constructed in 1993, Beykoz Mansions consist of 401 mansions built without cutting the trees, on an area of 100 hectares inside a forest, which also hosts the historical Hunting Lodge. Beykoz Mansions was the first investment project of Tepe İnşaat in İstanbul and is still one of the most prestigious projects of the city.

Sports International - 1993

Started its activities with Bilkent facility in 1993, Sports International has played an important role in the development of sports culture in Turkey.Today, Sports International offers service with total of 35 tennis courts (9 indoors, 26 outdoors), 8 squash courts, 18 swimming pools and children's pools in 7 facilities in Ankara, İzmir and İstanbul on a total area of 193,667 m² including 67,467 m² indoor space and 126,200 m² outdoor space.Sports International makes its investments not only with physical spaces but also with the best and modern infrastructure and friendly professional staff in all kinds of activities that are dreamed of for a healthy life with the awareness of importance of investing in people.

Akdeniz University Hospital - 1993

Akdeniz University Hospital is one of the most important centers of our country especially in the field of organ transplants.Today, the hospital offers effective, efficient and quality health care services in oncology, cardiovascular surgery, emergency aid and traumatology, reanimation, intensive care and other medical fields. Also, minor surgical operations can be performed in the Day-Surgery Center and patients can be discharged on the same day after surgery.

İş Bank Headquarters Complex - 1996

Completed on August 26, 2000, İş Towers has a very important place in the image of the bank since its opening. Offering service for over 3,000 personnel, the İş Towers complex also has a theater/concert hall, İş Art gallery, shopping center, restaurants and garage.

Bilkent Shopping Mall - 1996

Opened to meet the need in Bilkent district in 1996, Bilkent Shopping Mall (Bilkent Center) set a new standard for shopping centers in Turkey. The success of Bilkent Shopping Center has led to the emergence of M1 Shopping Centers, an investment of Tepe İnşaat.In later years, M1 Shopping Centers have become one of leading shopping mall brands in Turkey with the shopping malls in İstanbul, Konya, Adana and Gaziantep.

Atatürk Airport - 1999

Atatürk Airport was the first privatization attempt of Turkey in the field of airport terminal and broke a new record with its tender price. It also represents the emergence of TAV, which has become a trademark in airport management today.With the contributions of TAV, Atatürk Airport has become an important connection point in the following years for international routes between the Middle East and Europe besides its importance for Turkey, and as a result of such successful results, played an important role in moving the international air traffic to İstanbul and constructing the third airport of Turkey.

Turkish Armed Forces Rehabilitation and Care Center - 2000

This 100.000 sqm fully equipped facility that operates under the roof of Ministry of National Defense for rehabilitation and care of our veterans is one of the important milestones on Tepe İnşaat in the field of health facilities.

Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall - 2000

With an area of 155.000 square meters, Tepe Nautilus has been operating in Kadıköy Acıbadem, one of the most popular residential areas of Istanbul, since September 2002. Combining the advantage of its location right next to the exit of Ayrılıkçeşme Station of Marmaray, which was completed on October 29, 2013, with a square arrangement where a nautilus sculpture with a golden ratio is displayed, Tepe Nautilus offers a pleasant meeting point for Istanbulites.

Kemer Rose Residence - 2001

Kemer Rose Residence, one of the first projects of Göktürk, played an important role in the development of the region's texture.Having a construction area of 26.000 square meters, the project is one of the examples of Tepe İnşaat's experience in luxury residence.

Afghanistan Projects - 2002

During the Afghanistan's rehabilitation process, which started in 2002, a total of 210,000 square meters of superstructure and 300,000 square meters of infrastructure projects were completed as part of 16 different projects until 2010.

Kanyon Shopping Mall - 2003

Constructed by Tepe İnşaat on turn-key basis, Kanyon is one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Istanbul. Consisting of 4 floors and 160 shops, the complex also has many restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas and gyms. Besides 179 houses, the high structure of complex has 26 floors allocated to the offices. This complex is a shopping center consisting of open, semi-open and closed spaces and resembles a canyon that is why it is called Kanyon.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport - 2004

Operated by TAV Airports, Ankara Esenboğa Airport is the first airport of Turkey with domestic and international terminals and the first largest airport of the country in terms of passenger traffic. International Airports Council - ACI-Europe awarded Ankara Esenboğa Airport as the "best airport" in the "5-10 million passengers" category in 2009.

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline - 2005

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline transports the oil from the Sangachal terminal near Baku, Azerbaijan, to the Ceyhan marine terminal on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.The pipeline has a total length of 1,768 km and is buried along its entire length. It runs 443 km through Azerbaijan, 249 km through Georgia and 1,076 km through Turkey. Entire construction of the line within the borders of Turkey was carried out by Tepe İnşaat.

Antalya State Hospital - 2005

Antalya State Hospital, one of the first education and research hospitals of Turkey, was completed in a short span of 2 years.

Sulaimani University Campus - 2005

Sulaimani University Campus, a product of Tepe İnşaat's experience in creating university campuses, was completely designed and constructed by Tepe İnşaat on a structure area of 363,000 square meters and is one of the most important symbols of the Turkish construction industry in the development of our nearby geography.

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport - 2005

Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, which hosted 11,951,183 passengers and 86,248 airplanes in 2016, is operated by TAV Airports and is the fifth busiest airport in the country. In terms of cargo traffic, it is ranked third among the airports in Turkey with 19,620 tons of cargo.

Narcity - 2006

Narcity is the first and largest housing project in the region. It is a modern city project with less likelihood of interlacing structures, where all spaces look at the same direction with a single facet, considering all factors together, such as exterior color combination, different balcony structures, view, direction and other structures.Shaping the development of its region and making the region known by its name, Narcity is a project that has proven its success with its architectural and construction quality.

Trakya Cam - Anadolu Cam Yenişehir Factories - 2006

Construction of 5 glass factories and glass processing facility of Şişecam in Yenişehir, Bursa, was performed with the quality of Tepe İnşaat on a total area of 200.000 square meters.

Bilkent Garden Houses - 2007

One of the most prestigious residential projects in Ankara, Bilkent Garden Houses is a top segment project performed by Tepe İnşaat.

Hacettepe University Hospital - 2008

Constructed by Tepe İnşaat, Hacettepe University Hospital offers healthcare service with 24 departments, 23 divisions, 30 outpatient clinics, 28 inpatient clinics, 10 intensive care units and 2 operating room departments (27 operation rooms). As of today, the hospital has a capacity of 730 beds and a total of 80 intensive care beds in internal medicine and surgical areas. Patient rooms are available in single and double bedded rooms, and 21 of them are suites.

Tepe Prime - 2009

Designed to make a positive contribution to social life in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and bring in a new meeting point to the city, Tepe Prime Avenue a home to cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues that appeal to different tastes. Preferred by Turkey's favorite cafes, restaurants and entertainment brands, Tepe Prime Avenue leads the way with its original architecture and open-air concept. Designed based on the Agora idea, Tepe Prime Avenue has architectural differences with its special landscape arrangements and different routes used to reach its spaces.

Trakya Glass Rus Zao Float Factory - 2011

Construction of Trakya Glass Rus Zao Float Factory, the flat glass and glass processing plant of Şişecam in Russia, started on an area of 150.000 square meters.

Narlife Housing Project - 2012

With a unique architecture that carries all the colors of life, NarLife creates a very special and privileged living space out of the ordinary, offering its residents a combination of blue, green and peacefulness. Built on a total area of 29.500 m2, Narlife has a spectacular view of the islands. It is possible to enjoy all the beauty of Marmara Sea and all the tones of blue in Narlife fully for four seasons. Having a social facility area of about 2000 square meters, NarLife offers its residents a life full of social and sports activities with its indoor and outdoor pools, children's pool, children's playground, sauna, fitness center, market and café.

AND Plaza Kozyatağı - 2014

AND Plaza, one of the most prestigious A + office projects on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, was developed by the turn-key service of Tepe İnşaat. With a total construction area of 73,325 square meters and a leasable area of 35,418 square meters, AND Plaza has Leed Platinum certificate thanks its environmental policies in production and operation.

13 Cereals Storage and Processing Facility - Turkmenistan - 2014

Construction of cereals storage and processing facilities with a capacity of 360 tons in 13 locations was carried out by Tepe İnşaat in Turkmenistan.

Park Mozaik - 2014

Constructed on a land of 75,000 square meters in Yaşamkent, Çayyolu, by Tepe and Mesa, the two companies that are aware of the needs of Ankara very well, Park Mozaik offers you the chance to live the pleasure of gardens and terraces with wide selection of apartments ranging from 2+1 to 6+1.

Turkmenistan Glass and Glass Products Factory - 2015

As the first glass production and processing facility of Turkmenistan, the complex was constructed with the experience of Tepe İnşaat in the field of turn-key basis construction from A to Z, including design, manufacturing, equipment supply and installation.

AND Pastel - 2016

The second project of AND Gayrimenkul, AND Pastel is being built with the quality of Tepe İnşaat in Kartal, İstanbul.

Tepe Aura - 2017

Imagine a fairytale place in Ömerli, right next to the 3rd bridge connection, where every window opens up to green, all doors opens up to thousand tones of green... Don't you want to be part of this fairy tale? A new life starts at Tepe Aura, under the shadow of a 160-year-old oak tree, outshining all tales with its story.