Tepe İnşaat Constructs the Most Modern Glass Complex of Central Asia in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan National Glass Complex has been constructed on turn-key basis by Tepe İnşaat, a company ranked 22nd in industrial facility construction in the world, in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat, and put into service with a great ceremony.

Ranked 22nd in the world in 2017 in Industrial Facility Construction in the ranking made by ENR, an international engineering and construction magazine, and being the Turkey's 50th largest company in equity ranking, Tepe İnşaat continues to achieve success in its overseas contracting operations. Turkmenistan National Glass Complex has been opened with a great ceremony on February 14, 2018, after it was constructed by Tepe İnşaat starting from 2016 together with all engineering services in the form of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, Deputy Presidents of Turkmenistan, Foreign Representatives, Ambassador of Turkey in Turkmenistan Mustafa Kapucu, foreign businessmen, mainly Turkish, local and foreign press and many invitees, Rector of Bilkent University and Chairman of Bilkent Holding Abdullah Atalar, TOBB Chairman Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Chairman of Tepe İnşaat Bahadır Güngenci and General Manager of Tepe İnşaat Atila Kemal Oğuz attended the opening ceremony.

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow made the opening speech and stated that they will make Turkmenistan a rich country in terms of industry and industrial facilities within the scope of the 2030 development program. He also added that the facility is the most modern production facility in Central Asia, underlining the importance of Turkmenistan National Glass Complex, which was built in Gökdepe district of Turkmenistan's Ahal province. The Turkmen Leader said that 833 people will be employed in this factory and 15 types of bottles will be produced at a level that can be used in many areas. The Turkmen Leader also noted that Turkmenistan is a rich country in terms of various mineral resources, adding that 70 percent of the raw material used in the factory is domestic and 2 new facilities will be built to procure the remaining 30 percent internally in Turkmenistan.

Tepe İnşaat offers solutions for all needs of its clients from a single source in Turn-key Industrial Facilities, and trusts and invests in human resources in Turkey.

Expressing his thoughts during the ceremony, General Manager of Tepe İnşaat Atila Kemal Oğuz said, "Between 2012-2015, we completed the construction of flour and pasta factories as well as cereals storage and processing facilities with a capacity of 360 tons in 13 locations in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan National Glass Complex was our third EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) project in Turkmenistan and started production in December, 2017. Now we are holding the official opening ceremony in February 14. We are proud that we have realized one of the most important projects of Turkmenistan's 2030 development program. Constructed with an indoor space of 87,000 square meters on an area of 24 hectares, Turkmenistan National Glass Complex consists of four separate facilities, including Mineral Enrichment, Flat Glass Factory, Bottle Factory and Glass Processing Facilities.

The flat glass line, which has a production capacity of 250 tons per day, can produce flat glass, coated glass, insulated glass, tempered glass, tinted glass and laminated safety glass. Another part of the plant, the bottle factory, can reach 65 tons of production. In this facility, 53 million glass bottles and jars and 40 million drug bottles will be produced annually. The mineral enrichment section has an annual sand enrichment capacity of 140 thousand tons. In addition to the production facility, 2-storey lodging houses for 48 families and 2 worker's houses with a capacity of 400 people were built nearby the factory site. The facility, which was constructed by Tepe İnşaat on turn-key basis, draws attention as the most modern glass processing facility of Central Asia, with its production technologies and structural features.

"Tepe İnşaat has its mark on many symbol buildings"

Since our establishment in 1969, we have become one of Turkey's largest construction companies with constructions on approximate total area of 13 million square meters until today.  During this period of about 50 years, we have served as the investor and developer of leading projects in the real estate industry, such as Beykoz Mansions, Bilkent Center, Narcity, Narlife, Narkule, Tepe Natilius Shopping Center, Bilkent Garden and Tepe Prime. We are also the developer and contractor of Park Mosaic, Tepe Aura and Tepe Steps residential projects which are still under construction.

With 3 new urban transformation projects we are developing, we will continue to provide symbol structures in İstanbul and Ankara. On the other hand, we constructed many important symbol buildings and projects as part of our contracting activities in Turkey, such as And Plaza, And Pastel, Taurus Shopping Mall, Kanyon, İş Bank Headquarters Building, and proved our experience in overseas contracting works as well. Until today, we have performed contracting works of 3.3 million square meters in total in 17 different countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, TRNC, Egypt, Russia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Started to operate in the US last year, Tepe USA LLC is now getting ready for contracting and investment projects in this big market. Also, we will start to invest in a new industrial plant in an African country. Defining Tepe İnşaat as a company that is preferred in the labor market thanks to its investments in the training of employees, Oğuz adds, "Employees of Tepe İnşaat are aware that 'Continuous Development is a vital quality'. The fact that all of our employees possess these qualities makes Tepe İnşaat valuable. What makes Tepe İnşaat a reputable and respected company is the quality of its human resources. When such quality is combined with our understanding of management that puts 'Reputation Management' ahead of profit and turnover concerns, Tepe İnşaat gets ahead of its competitors in the industry.

"Tepe İnşaat in Turkey and in the world"

Thanks to its growing trend in recent years, Tepe İnşaat was ranked 166th in the world in ENR 2017, one of the most important surveys of construction industry released by international construction industry magazine ENR (Engineering News Record). Moreover, Tepe İnşaat is ranked 145th in Fortune 500 Turkey and is the 50th largest company of Turkey when ranked by equity.

Furthermore, Tepe İnşaat is ranked 170th in Capital 500 and is the "company which increased its exports the most in 2016" according to the same ranking. Achieving many firsts in the industry until today, Tepe İnşaat, with its powerful financial structure, has introduced the first "Building Completion Insurance" in Turkey and keeps leading the Real Estate Development Sector besides assuring its clients.